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 Andrew McMillan, Director, Engaging Service

“Defining and Consistently Delivering a Differentiated Customer Experience”

Why are you in business from your customers’ perspective? Why would customers choose your business over your competitors’? What attitudes and behaviours should your business be adopting to ensure potential customers always choose you? In an increasingly commoditised and transparent marketplace businesses can’t just rely on product and price to differentiate themselves. Creating a powerful reputation so that you are proactively chosen by your customers is critical for long term success.

  • Being confident in who you are and what you stand for
  • The four key components of customer experience and how they blend to create the personality of the business
  • Six steps to engaged employees and customers
  • Taking ownership of the brand – the power of ambiguity – ‘Do What You Think is Right’

Andrew McMillan, Director – Engaging Service

Joined by Anthony Stears, Managing Director – The Telephone Assasin Ltd

Kate Hamilton, Head of Customer Experience – GS1 UK

Lucy Gannon, Customer Experience Manager – EvolveYou

Daniel Parekh-Hill, CEO – Flare

“Creating a NEW Customer Experience Strategy”

  • Review customer journey map
  • Training
  • Customer Expectations
  • Customer Success
  • Feedback collection
  • Tracking

Simon Blosse & Tom Carpenter, Principal Customer Experience Consultants, Clarasys

“Facing the challenge of delivering personalised experiences for your customers”

Unlock the Power of Personalised Customer Experiences: Tipping the balance towards coolness vs creepiness. Join us as we explore data-driven strategies, targeted precision, and seamless integration of technology and human touch for unrivalled benefits.

  • What do we really mean by personalisation? What is the difference between experience tailoring vs. product tailoring?
  • Personalisation relies on quality customer data – how do you learn more about your customers and their needs?
  • Personalisation can be chosen rather than given – how do you build experiences around customer choice?
  • Cost vs. Value – what are the moments that really matter where personalisation will add the biggest bang for your buck?
  • How to balance utilising AI to its best abilities with customer readiness? When is a personal touch the right choice?

Anthony Stears – Managing Director, The Telephone Assassin Ltd

“Mapping for Success”

This interactive presentation will show you how to improve customer journeys and mapping the process to guarantee quality conversations at every touch point. Plus… a chance to troubleshoot a process/journey that isn’t quite working in your organisation.

  • Why conversations matter at every touch point
  • Preventing pipeline constipation
  • Your questions answered