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Dr Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner, BT Business

“The Autonomous Customer: being human in a digital world”

Our regular global temperature check of customer needs looks at what they expect from customer experience, channel preferences, their attitudes to innovations such as AI and the metaverse, and what it means for the future contact centre.

  • For over ten years now, our global Autonomous Customer research has provided data on consumer attitudes and usage patterns, as well as how they’re changing. The ability to track change over time gives valuable context on which to base customer experience and channel strategies.
  • The pandemic changed many things – including the rate of digital change – but customer expectations have stayed stubbornly constant and are firmly centred on the long-standing desire for easy and convenient ways of doing things.

Tiffany Markman, Trainer – TMWT

“For CX That Resonates, Add More Creativity!”

If we want positive CX moments to stick in customers’ minds, they must be fresh, unexpected…even a bit wacky. But creative ideation for CX may seem like a lot of work. Here’s the thing: It isn’t really (there’s a method). It yields far better outcomes for us and our brands (I promise). And it’s a huge amount of fun (you’ll see).

  • Encounter Tiffany Markman’s Micro-Focus Methodology for creative ideation
  • Recognise (and try) out the 3 steps that work best for the pros
  • Get comfortable with the “boring” elements of the creative process
  • Access the core questions under-pinning creative CX that delivers
  • Know where the creative magic sits – and how to find it, every time

Simon Blosse & Tom Carpenter, Principal Customer Experience Consultants, Clarasys

Anthony Stears – Managing Director, The Telephone Assassin Ltd